And now I blog.

So @dcurtis set me up with a blog. My plan is to write at least once per week.

My goals are as follows:

I don’t plan to enable comments. Why? As @parislemon has made quite clear, it’s all mostly bile. I don’t want my articles to be polluted with someone else’s words, misinterpretations, tangents, or distractions.

I welcome feedback and responses, but anyone with a comment or response can deliver it on Twitter, FB, on their own blog or privately via email. I’ll try to update my posts with curated links pointing to feedback and reactions from around the web that I think add to the discussion.




Now read this

We reached for the stars, acted like men, aspired to intelligence. And we didn’t belittle it.

This is how Aaron Sorkin’s new show, The Newsroom starts. It only gets better. If you want to see and hear Jeff Daniel’s deliver this speech in all it’s glory, I can’t embed it, but you can watch it, starting at 5:41. “There is... Continue →